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About Us

Steve and Sue Orme

Sue and Steve Orme set up Steve Orme Productions in 1997 to bring together our respective talents in the media and theatre industries.

Steve had been a freelance journalist and broadcaster for more than 15 years, working on newspapers and magazines, including a stint as chief sub-editor of the music paper Record Mirror, before moving into radio and television.

Sue had been involved both onstage and behind the scenes in theatrical productions for 20 years.

Now our work involves writing anything from a press release to a documentary script and filming everything from a theatrical production to a full-length corporate DVD.

Our work has appeared on BBC Television including the One, Six and Ten O’Clock News, News 24 and Grandstand; Sky Sports; Channel 4; BBC Radio Four; Radio Five Live; and forces’ radio.

While most of our work is behind the camera, we’ve appeared on the ITV children’s programme Woof! and a spin-off from Dr Who.

Whatever you’re looking for, whether it’s words, pictures or anything associated with them, get in touch and we’ll do the rest.