CHAPTER 10: 1990-91 Nick nurses the Rams to health

NICK NURSE, the player-coach who led the Rams to the play-offs for the first time

DERBY CITY RAMS 1990-91 (back, left to right): Nick Nurse (player-coach), Martin Ford, Ernest Lee, Terry Manghum, Dave Roper, Chris Squire (assistant coach). Front: Tim Lascelles, Andy Tucker, Stuart Solomon, Marc Hawley

COVER of Derby City Rams Today, the new-style, eight-page programme published by the club, this edition celebrating Ernest Lee’s individual scoring record of 58 points in a game

ED DUNCAN who averaged 13.62 points per game after joining the Rams in November

GREG MODZELEWSKI, a left-handed long-ranger shooter who joined the Rams as a part-timer

TERRY MANGHUM, the veteran who had a tremendous influence on the team

MARTIN FORD who in his early days at Derby played with a brace because of an old knee injury

ERNEST LEE with his player-of-the-year trophy which he gave to Terry Manghum

CHAPTER 11: 1991-92 Bucking the trend as Manghum takes over as coach

CATHEDRAL Embroidery Bucks 1991-92 (back, left to right): Mat Slack (team manager), Tim Lascelles, Stuart Solomon, Phil Styles, Chiedu Odiatu, Andy Maher (player-assistant coach). Front: Martin Ford, Terry Manghum (player-coach), Lucius Reece, Dave Shaw, Dave Roper

PHIL STYLES, sacked only weeks after being chosen as the Carlsberg League Division One player of the month for October

LUCIUS REECE who was sacked so that the Bucks could get better balance in the team. He later signed for Birmingham Bullets

CHIEDU ODIATU, the man who claimed he was eligible to be Prime Minister but wasn’t able to play basketball as an Englishman

CATHEDRAL Embroidery boss William Barron whose company paid a five-figure sum to sponsor the club, with player-coach Terry Manghum and Chiedu Odiatu

TERRANCE HILL who averaged 20.58 points and 12 rebounds a game after joining Derby in December

STEVE NELSON who hit 38 points in an overtime victory over Worthing but otherwise didn’t distinguish himself in Derby’s colours

TERRY MANGHUM with the Derby City Transport bus which proclaimed “back the Bucks to Wembley”

CHAPTER 12: 1992-93 The Bucks’ dream takes a backward step

LESTER HOOD, the 23-year-old forward who averaged 21.25 points and 7.19 rebounds a game for the Bucks

CARL MITCHELL, an experienced veteran who averaged 18.72 points and 11.31 rebounds a game in his only season in Derby

KURT SAMUELS, an excellent pick-up for the Bucks, the Wolverhampton-born guard taking the player-of-the-year award in his first season at Derby

DREW SEWELL, brought back to Derby after six years but released because of injuries

DEREK IZILEIN, recommended by Guildford coach Kevin Cadle but who proved to be a huge disappointment

MIKE LANDELL whose season was cut short by an horrific injury in a game against his old club Leicester

NIGEL FISHER, a junior in his first season with the Bucks

TERRY MANGHUM whose intention was to stop playing at the end of the 1992-93 season

CHAPTER 13: 1993-94 Windows firm sees Bucks at Wembley

GEOFF CLARKE presents Tim Rudge with a cheque to confirm Moor Windows’ sponsorship of the basketball club

MOOR WINDOWS Derby Bucks 1993-94 (back, left to right): Steve Baxter (team manager), Andy Maher (player-assistant coach), Mike Landell, Iain McKinney, Terry Manghum (player-coach), Rob Stephenson, Tim Lascelles, Nigel Fisher. Front: Charlie Mandt, Jason Siemon, Andy Bird, Andy Gardiner

CHARLIE MANDT, who waited for his chance to come to Derby after a spell in the GBA

JASON SIEMON, voted onto the All Star team after an excellent first season with the Bucks

ANDY GARDINER, player of the year who predicted at the start of the season that the Bucks would get to Wembley

IAIN McKINNEY, the point guard who had a solid season after stepping up to the Budweiser League

TRIVIA NOTE: the Bucks were thought to be the only basketball club in the world to play in specially designed shirts rather than singlets. They played in yellow shirts and green shorts or white shirts and black shorts

TERRY MANGHUM, the league’s coach of the month for February but sacked a few weeks later

ANDY MAHER who decided to stay as a player after the sacking of Manghum

PROGRAMME for the “final four” play-off championships at Wembley in 1994 which featured the Bucks, Worthing, Manchester Giants and Guildford Kings

NERVOUS FACES as the Bucks wait for the Wembley action to get underway: Mike Landell, Jason Vye, Andy Gardiner, Nigel Fisher, Jason Siemon and Iain McKinney

MANDT drives past Worthing’s Alan Cunningham on his way to 27 points in the semi-final

COACH Tim Rudge makes a point during a timeout at Wembley


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