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Chasing a Dream – the book which catalogues the history of basketball in Derby and outlines how Toronto Raptors’ head coach Nick Nurse got his start in coaching – is now available on Barnes & Noble, “the Internet’s largest bookstore”.

Several people have reviewed Chasing a Dream and given it five stars! Here are the reviews:

“I came across this book on the Internet and quickly ordered a copy as I was a regular visitor to Moorways in the mid 1990’s to watch Derby basketball. It was interesting to read about the origins of basketball in the city and how it developed through the period I attended and then the owners’ plans to take it to the next level. The book is full of facts and details every season and it brings back memories of games I attended. Steve captures the highs and lows of each season and I found it hard to put down as after reading about one season I was keen to see how the next one went. I would highly recommend Chasing a Dream to anyone with an interest in sport in Derby or basketball in general. An excellent sports book.” ***** Kevin James

“Fantastic insight into the highs and lows of trying to realise the dream of top-level professional sport in a fairly small market. Expertly written, a must read, definitely 5 stars.” Paul Morris

Dave Spindley

“As a former Derby player looking forward to reading and having memories rekindled, I was blown away by the insight of the author into the club from both the organisation and the playing side of operations. The detail and accuracy with which the author writes is testament to his record-keeping and research skills. His contacts within the club have not let him down and the further I read, the more immersed in my past I became. Highly recommended read for anyone with an interest in basketball or sport in general.” ***** Dave Spindley

Chasing a Dream is a fantastically detailed trip down memory lane for anyone who has ever been involved in Derby basketball. Packed with extensive reviews of all eras – those packed Saturday nights at Moorways are bought to life within the pages of Steve’s book. This is a great look at one of the most special and path-shaping periods of my life. I can trace absolutely everything in my life back to Derby basketball. It’s incredible to have this wonderful summary of those fond memories in my possession. Thank you for all your efforts Steve.” ***** Mike Keys

“I received the book Chasing a Dream as a gift. It was great to see someone take time to document the history of one of the UK’s premier basketball teams and programmes. Flipping through, I saw many great photos of players I grew up watching and eventually playing against or for during my own playing career. A great insight into the Derby basketball history with some interesting stories of players and coaches. An interesting resource for any UK basketball fan.” ***** Duncan Ogilvie

“Having bought the first edition of Chasing a Dream which covered Derby basketball up to 1998 , I was very interested to read the next instalment. I wasn’t disappointed. It took me back to happy times playing and watching basketball in my home city of Derby. Steve has captured the atmosphere and characters my hometown club we all loved to follow, in good times and bad. A must read for any basketball fan.” ***** Vanessa Stalley-Green

“This book is incredible and a must read for all Derby/basketball fans alike. It’s a trip down memory lane, it actually puts you back in your seat in the bleachers remembering these fantastic moments. More importantly you get to know information about players, coaches and fans alike. It’s a basketball history trip…a fantastic book Steve, these memories will last a lifetime.” ***** Sam Smith

“Chasing a Dream is gripping, inspiring, true to life and enlightening. Growing up through the late seventies and eighties and being on the fringes of the basketball scene, playing for Team Discounter Juniors as well as local teams, then moving out of Derby due to work commitments, I found this book completed the jigsaw as I had missed the whole of the Derby Storm era. The book had me reminiscing of the early years of basketball from the Wilmorton college days through to Moorways. Also, the realisation and reasoning behind the club’s decision-making was based on the club’s finances. The term “bench warmer” was bandied about for many years but I have never seen it on paper. The book is well written and must read for anyone who has had any involvement in basketball in Derby or Nottingham but I would also unquestionably recommend it to anyone who loves basketball.” ***** Andy Josephs

Chasing a Dream is available as an ebook which can be bought here:Barnes & Noble logo


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