Crime and basketball


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Basketball has been Steve’s passion since he played the game at school. He became hooked on it as a spectator when he saw Team Discounter Derby beat North London College in the Founders Cup final in 1984. 

His first book, Chasing a Dream, is the story of basketball in Derby from 1976 to 1998. It sold out and Steve has written an update which includes the demise of the Derby Storm.

After being a finalist in the Alibi TV Search for a new Crime Writer competition, Steve set about writing his first crime novel – and of course it includes basketball as well as journalism. Who is responsible for murdering a couple of reporters? Can anyone from the reborn Derby Storm really have anything to do with it? Basketball-playing Detective Inspector Miles Davies has to dribble his way through a number of obstacles to find the killer.

Steve expects to self-publish Storm Deaths in 2021.



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