History of Derby basketball: how Nick Nurse’s coaching career began


Chasing A Dream is the story of basketball in Derby from 1976 onwards.

It contains an exclusive interview with Nick Nurse, head coach of the NBA franchise the Toronto Raptors about how his coaching career began in Derby. Former playcaller Chris Squire reveals that Nurse wasn’t even first choice for the job.

There’s a chapter on what happened to some of the former Derby players and coaches, including the playcaller who led his team to more than 100 successive wins in the professional game. And who’s the former Derby star who’s serving life in prison for murdering his girlfriend?

Derby Storm owner Mike Horton tells the untold story of his seven years in charge of the club, particularly some of the methods used to ensure visiting teams didn’t enjoy a trip to the Thunderdome.

Chasing A Dream is available through the following:

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