Storm Bodies: released soon!


Storm Bodies, Steve Orme’s second crime novel, will be released on Friday 12th July 2024.

Just as in his first book Storm Deaths, the story involves a detective inspector, Miles Davies, investigating a series of crimes committed in the East Midlands.

Storm Bodies wraps up a couple of scenarios which were left unresolved in the first book,” says Steve.

“But you don’t need to read Storm Deaths first – the new book can be seen as a stand-alone thriller.”

Steve who spent decades working in newspapers, radio and latterly television, has changed direction over the past few years. His first play What’s Your Poison? went on a national tour in 2023 and he is currently working on another stage show.

“You don’t have to be a basketball fanatic to enjoy the new novel.”

“Some of the stories that I’ve covered over the years turn up in Storm Bodies although names and locations have been changed.

“I covered basketball among other sports and the new book again features the exploits of the resurrected Derby Storm basketball team. Some people may be surprised at what happens on the court this time.

“But you don’t have to be a basketball fanatic to enjoy the new novel. I’ve written it in such a way that anyone with little or no knowledge of the game won’t be baffled by the sporting references.”

Steve ensures that authenticity is paramount in his writing. Storm Bodies is what is known as a police procedural and he was anxious for everything to be accurate.

“I’m very grateful to a number of people, both serving and former police officers, whose input has been invaluable. I’ve also had fantastic support from legal and psychological experts who’ve ensured that scenes in a courtroom are correct and credible.”

You can order signed copies of Storm Bodies through this website. Alternatively you will be able to get the paperback or ebook version from Amazon.

Click the image above to play the video which features some of the locations in Storm Bodies


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