What’s Your Poison received well on tour


What an amazing experience! The tour of Steve Orme’s first play What’s Your Poison? ended spectacularly at Swindon Arts Centre, with an appreciative audience saying how much they’d enjoyed the production.

“I was terrified about handing my script over to someone else who might have had different ideas about how it should look on stage,” said Steve. “But John Goodrum of Rumpus Theatre Company did a fantastic job with it. Not only did he direct it superbly, he also played William Palmer and brought a unique feel to the character. Many people were left wondering at the end whether the doctor had actually killed all the people he was alleged to have murdered.

“Jodie Garnish and Pavan Maru were excellent as the couple who debate whether Palmer was a serial killer or a victim of a miscarriage of justice. And thanks also to Karen Henson from Tabs Productions who ensured that the show looked and sounded brilliant.”

Historian Jenna Goodwin saw What’s Your Poison? at Stafford Gatehouse, one of 14 venues on the tour. She is working on a documentary about Palmer and the places he visited. She commented: “The play was fantastic. We had a great evening!”

The media were also captivated by the tale. Steve and John were interviewed  by five different radio stations, ITV Central featured it on their evening news magazine programme and more than 20 newspapers and magazines carried stories about the production.

“I’ll never forget the exhilaration of seeing my work on stage,” said Steve. “On to the next one!”

Karen Henson, Pavan Maru, John Goodrum and Jodie Garnish on the last night of the What’s Your Poison? tour


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